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If you are planning a trip to awesome Argentina or captivating Chile, we highly recommend scheduling some time to visit Calafate in the pristine Patagonia region.

Some call Calafate the gateway to the majestic world of glaciers. It resides in Patagonia, the southern region of the Republic of Argentina and Chile. This area contains some of the most bountiful and diverse nature imaginable.

The quaint town of Calafate gets its name from the small bush calafate, indigenous to Patagonia. In fact, calafate fruit makes delicious jams – pick up a jar while you’re visiting! According to local tradition, whoever eats calafate will return for more. We guarantee you will return for more of the breathtaking beauty offered by this magnificent region.

During your Calafate stopover, you will visit Los Glaciares National Park. This enormous park is home to 47 glaciers, all of them draining to the Atlantic Ocean.

You will also visit Perito Moreno Glacier, at 600,000 hectares it is an unforgettable experience! The Perito Moreno Glacier is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water!

The natural beauty of this region will astound you as you walk along the mammoth glaciers. The show is never ending as you watch the detachment of ice blocks in the near distance. Hear the roar they produce and watch them turn into amazing bloating icebergs.

Your adventure to Calafate and the surrounding glacier parks will be an experience you will never forget!