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Don Muang International Airport

Located 24km east of Bangkok, the Don Muang International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia, with more than 25 million people, 700,000 tons of cargo, and 160,000 planes passing through every year. There are more than 80 airlines located in the airport. Airport Facilities Restaurants, gift shops, duty free shops, currency exchange services, post office, baggage storage, emergency service center Day Rooms Day rooms are located inside the airport for travelers who are waiting for departing, connecting, or delayed flights. The rooms include 25 bedrooms, beauty parlor, bathroom, conference room, business center, flower shop, duty free shop, and a full lobby. The ‘Louise Tavern Day Room’ includes a twin bed, telephone, TV (with full airline schedule on screen), mini-bar, as well as 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms. The cost is B540 for 6 hours and for an additional B125, travelers can use the bath facilities. Arrival Procedures Inspection –> Baggage Claim –> Customs Customs Items to be Declared Any amount of currency over US$10,000 Exemptions Personal belongings Alcohol (1 liter) Cigarettes (200) Cash or items valued up to B10,000 Prohibited Items Narcotics/Drugs Firearms/weapons Pornographic materials Departure Procedures Check In –> Receive Boarding Pass –> Final Inspection –> Boarding Gate All departures are located on the 3rd floor. (Asiana Airlines ¡§C Counter #7) Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure time. Airport Tax Departing passengers on international flights from Bangkok’s Don Muang airport must pay 500 baht. 30 baht per person is collected for Domestic flight except Samui flight, at baht 400 per person is collected at Samui Airport.

Airport Transportation

All fares and travel times below are from Don Muang International Airport to Downtown Bangkok Bus Fares: B2.50 ~ B3.50 Regular Bus / B16 Air-Conditioned Bus Hours: 4am ~ 11pm (every 15 minutes during the day / every 1 hour at night) Train Fares: B5 Hours: 2:13am ~ 8:13pm Travel Time: 40 ~ 60 minutes Limousine Bus Tickets can be purchased at the limousine service counter. Fares: B100 Hours: 24-hours Travel Time: 20 ~ 30 minutes Limousine Taxi Tickets can be purchased at the limousine service counter. You can share a taxi with another person to reduce costs. Fares: B350 ~ B500 Taxi Taxis are available at the ‘Tourism Authority of Airport’ counter. Avoid riding in privately run taxis. Official taxis are yellow and have a sign on the roof. Tipping is not required. Fares: B200 ~ B300 Airport Express The airport express travels from the airport to the Hualamphong Railway Station. Fares: B80 Regular / B100 Air-Conditioned Hours: Airport –> Hualamphong (7:40am–>8:25am & 6:30am–>7:05am) Hualamphong –> Airport (7:20pm –> 7:55pm & 5:55pm –> 6:32pm) Travel Time: 35 minutes