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Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport This international airport is the main entry and departure point for all international flights. The airport has a 24-hour State Bank of India, money order service, restaurant, coffee shop, duty-free store, hotel reservations counters, information/guide counters, rental car counters, etc. International Terminal Upon arrival, head to the Quarantine area, then proceed to the inspection area where you need to present your Passport and Incoming Passenger Card. These documents will be returned to you after immigration processing. You can then collect your luggage and follow the appropriate channel to the baggage examination area: Green Channel : If you do not have anything to declare. Red Channel : If you do have something to declare. When preparing for departure, it is important to book/confirm all airline reservations 72 hours in advance to avoid possible cancellations and arrive at least 2 hours before your departure time. Airport Tax India charges an Airport Tax of Rs300 on departure.

Airport Transportation

Airport Bus The bus service into the city runs all day long, mainly to Connaught Pl. and major hotels. From Connaught Pl., you can catch the taxi or the auto rickshaw to your specific desired destination. The fare runs approximately Rs47 and the travel time is around 45 minutes. Taxi The taxi service is the most convenient way to travel into downtown New Delhi, especially for first-time visitors to India. Although there are metered taxis available, it’s not recommended. The best way to use the taxi service is to purchase a ticket directly from a counter at the airport and give the ticket to the driver. The ticket price runs between Rs140 ~ Rs180 and the travel time is around 30 ~ 45 minutes. Rental Car The rental cars in India come with a personal driver. The cost is approximately 4 ~ 5 times more expensive than the taxi service. You can reserve a rental car in advance, or go the counter at the airport for availability. It’s not recommended that you drive yourself around in India.