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Jet Lag: An Unavoidable Consequence of Long Distance Travel

An alarming number of travelers don’t take these easy steps to avoid jet lag and then are plagued by fatigue for days and inevitably starting their trip off on the wrong foot.

Why not try these ideas the next time you travel and see if they work for you!

Sleep On The Plane – Do not watch the movie; don’t get absorbed in the latest mystery novel. Try to sleep as much as possible! If this is difficult for you, why not try a sleeping pill to help you along. If you can get a few hours rest, you’ll help yourself tremendously.
Don’t Drink Alcohol – Why you might be thinking that a nice drink will help you calm down so that you can get some sleep, research suggests that drinking alcohol while you fly is the wrong approach. Alcohol does interfere with proper sleep patterns, so avoid it!
Try to Stick To A Regular Schedule – Just because you’re flying at 32,000 ft, don’t eat dinner at 10:30pm then watch a movie until 2:00am. Keep a regular schedule and eat in the airport if necessary so that you’re not having a meal at an odd hour. Try to sleep at your normal time and get as much rest as possible.
Drink Plenty of Water – Believe it or not, being dehydrated can exacerbate your jet lag. Once you’ve finished sleeping on the plane, drink plenty of water when you wake up. If you’ve woken up at a decent time in the morning, avoid napping until it’s bedtime in your arrival destination. If you can get a good night’s sleep the first night you are away, you have a far greater chance of avoiding jet lag.
Change Your Watch To The New Time Zone – When you wake up from your sleep, adjust your watch to the new time in your arrival destination. The sooner you can get your body adjusted to the new timing, the better off you’ll be.