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Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International Airport – NAIA NAIA is the largest and the busiest airport in the Philippines. Located 3 hours and 30 minutes from Seoul, 10km south of Pasay City, and 7km from downtown Manila, NAIA is the entry/exit point to over 200,000 tourists on a daily basis. Arrivals are located on the 2nd floor, and Departures and check in counters are located on the 3rd floor. The 2nd floor lobby has a guest information desk, money order counter, hotel reservations desk, rental car/taxi service, public phones, and airport shops. The 2nd floor is not accessible to the public and greeters must wait downstairs on the 1st floor. Cart use costs US$1 and porter service costs 10P per bag + tip. The domestic flights terminal is 1km away from NAIA. Travelers who want to avoid crowds, Mactan-Cebu International Airport ‘ MCIA is located 45 minutes from NAIA in Cebu City. Although MCIA is the second largest airport in the Philippines, it’s less chaotic, making it a more practical choice for international travelers. Arrival Procedures Immigration Check –> Baggage Claim –> Customs Immigration Check Upon arrival, proceed to the inspection area where you need to present your Passport, Visa, Incoming Passenger Card, and Customs documents. These documents will be returned to you after immigration processing. The inspectors at NAIA are not very strict, but have all your documents ready in hand for a quick inspection. Baggage Claim Go to the conveyor belt with the name of your airline to claim you luggage. In case of lost or stolen luggage, report to the lost baggage counter. Customs Travelers must follow the appropriate Customs sign after claiming their luggage: ‘Express/Nothing to Declare’ or ‘Ordinary/Goods Declare’. Items to be Declared Philippine currency over 10,000P Duty Free Items Personal belongings Cigarettes (200) Tobacco (2 tins) Liquor (2 liters) Prohibited Items Drugs/Narcotics Weapons/Explosives Pornographic materials Departure Procedures Check In –> Boarding Pass Issued –> Check In Luggage –> Customs examination –> Airport Tax Payment –> Final Inspection –> Boarding Check In & Boarding Pass When preparing for departure, it is important to book/confirm all airline reservations 72 hours in advance to avoid possible cancellations. Also, traffic is heavy in Manila, so leave your hotel early enough to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight. You’ll receive a boarding pass at the check in counter. Check in your bags and make sure you receive a claim slip. Customs Most Customs inspections are done through the X-ray machines. However, the inspectors do open your luggage at times, so always be prepared. Also, have all your currency exchange receipts for record. Final Inspection Present your passport and boarding pass to receive a stamp of approval. Boarding Since the export of Philippine currency exceeding 10,000P is prohibited and foreign currency taken out must not exceed the amount brought in, travelers with extra cash can make purchases at various stores and duty-free shops in the lobby while waiting to board. Once your boarding announcement is made, put your carry-on bags through the X-ray machine, and then board the airplane.

Airport Transportation

Bus The bus terminal is located on the right side of the airport. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to downtown Manila, depending on traffic. The fare is around 7 ~8P. Taxi ¡¤ Metered Taxi: Approximately 20 ~ 30 minutes to Ermita at 100 ~ 120P. ¡¤ Coupon Taxi: Approximately 20 ~ 30 minutes to Ermita at 280P. Coupons can be purchased at the 2nd floor counter and presented to the driver. Although the price is higher than a metered taxi, there is no chance for getting ripped off by dishonest drivers. LRT Exit the airport and take either the bus or the jeepni to Baclaran LRT Station. From there, take connections heading north to downtown Manila. If your destination is Ermita, get off at Pedro Gil Station. If your destination is Intramuros, get off at Central Terminal Station. The fare is 6P.