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Save Money on Meals When You Travel

Traveling can be an expensive proposition; especially when you think about how many meals you are going to be eating out. If you love to travel but don’t have an unlimited travel budget, don’t despair – there are some really easy ways that you can save money on meals when traveling!

Ask the locals where they eat.  It’s no surprise that the touristy restaurants are going to be far pricier than the places the locals eat.  In addition, when you eat with the locals, you will probably end up tasting meals that are indigenous to the area and authentic tasting!

• Many restaurants will post their menu outside the restaurant.  Be sure to take the time to look over the menu before you enter.  If they don’t have a menu posted, ask to see one!  That way you won’t be embarrassed or surprised when you’re seated and discover that the menu is too pricey.

• Carry a sheet with the currency conversion rates if you aren’t good at doing the conversions in your head.  This sheet will help you avoid overspending!

• Go to the local market or grocery store for at least one meal per day.  Simply buying a few buns, some meat, cheese and fruit can cost you only a dollar or two versus a restaurant meal.  Plan ahead and bring a few pieces of cutlery and you’ll be all set to make your own meal on the go.

• If you are planning to stay somewhere for a while, it might make sense to rent a place with a common kitchen or one that has a kitchenette.  You’ll save considerably on meals this way.

• When you’re sightseeing, carrying your own water and snacks (ex. granola bars, fruit, trail mix) can help save a lot over buying them from vendors or convenience stores.

Just incorporating a few of these suggestions can have you cutting your meal expenses considerably on your next trip.  Who knows, you might save enough to allow you to stay even longer and explore more local attractions!